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Dorset, VT 

New single "Dorset, VT" now available for download! 

Check here for download: 

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Providence: This Saturday, Oct 5th!  

209 Douglas Avenue, Providence, RI
Suggested $5 Donation

Lara Herscovitch -
Kayla Ringelheim -
Shawn Taylor -

Come listen to all original, acoustic music in one of the finest rooms in Rhode Island, organized by RISA (RI Songwriters Association). 


First shows outside the US of A! 

 This June, Kayla will be venturing to Canada to play a couple shows in the Toronto area
with her friends Brydan Smith and Faye Blais. 

Check out Kayla's "Shows" page for all of the details! 



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Upcoming Events


Wildflower Camp Foundation Fundraiser

TCAN, 14 Summer Street, Natick, Massachusetts, US


All proceeds from the concert will be used to send our kids to camp this summer. After losing a parent, camp can be a real catalyst for our kids as they strive to regain a sense of hope and normalcy. Thank you for joining us in support of our campers and their families.

Want to learn more about Wildflower? Visit

Show with The Hank Wonder Trio

Age limit: All ages

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